2023 SFF releases

Last updated: 8. 3. 2023

This is a list of titles coming out this year that caught my interest. I will be updating it with any new books, synopses, cover releases and publication dates.

  1. January
    1. Amélie Wen Zhao: Song of Silver, Flame Like Night
    2. Holly Black: The Stolen Heir
    3. Alice Poon: The Heavenly Sword
    4. Hadeer Elsbai: The Daughters of Izdihar
    5. Maiya Ibrahim: Spice Road
  2. Febuary
    1. Justin Call: Master of the Fallen
    2. S. A. Chakraborty: The Adventures of Amina al-Sirafi
  3. March
    1. Mia Tsai: Bitter Medicine
  4. April
    1. Andrea Stewart: The Bone Shard War
  5. May
    1. L. R. Lam: Dragonfall
    2. Monquill Blackgoose: To Shape a Dragon’s Breath
    3. Rick Riordan: The Sun And the Star
  6. June
    1. A. Y. Chao: Shanghai Immortal
  7. July
    1. Sara Hashem: The Jasad Heir
    2. Esmie Jikiemi-Pearson: The Principle of Moments
    3. Sheila Jenné: Black Sails to Sunward
    4. Chloe Gong: Immortal Longings
    5. Gabriela Romero-Lacruz: The Sun and the Void
  8. August
    1. Ehigbor Okosun: Forged by Blood
    2. Xiran Jay Zhao: Heavenly Tyrant
  9. September
    1. Chloe Gong: Foul Heart Huntsman
    2. Rick Riordan: The Chalice of the Gods
  10. October
    1. Kylie Lee Baker: The Scarlet Alchemist
    2. Joan He: Sound The Gong
  11. November
    1. Isabel Ibañez: What the River Knows
    2. Chelsea Abdullah: The Ashfire King
  12. Unknown
    1. Gina Chen: Untitled


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